Programme – Greece

PLAN   OF   THE   VISIT   TO   GREECE  (  01-06  APRIL  2019  )


MONDAY   –  01.04.2019

Arrival   of all partners in Athens. Accommodation at President Hotel.

TUESDAY   –   02.04.2019

09.00   Gathering   at   the hotel’s parking area (  with   all baggage).

09.30   Departure   for the   Acropolis   and   the   Acropolis  Museum with a guide.

13.00   Lunch at   Monastiraki.

15.00   Gathering   at   the point that the driver will define. Departure  for Trikala.

20.00   Arrival   in   Trikala. Students taken   by   families. Teachers   settle  at  the hotel.

20.45   Dinner for teachers.

WEDNESDAY –   03.04.2019

08.45   Gathering at the central square of Trikala. Departure for Meteora.

09.15   Arrival  at   Kalambaka. Climbing   to monasteries from paths (everyone needs sports shoes and maybe a raincoat in case of light  rain). Tour to monasteries and return to  Kalambaka  from paths.

13.00   Lunch at Kalampaka.

14.00   Visit to Hellenic Education Museum(

16.00   Visit to Natural History Museum of Meteora & Mushroom Museum. (

17.30   Departure for Trikala.

18.00   Arriving  in  Trikala. Students go to  families.

20.30   Dinner for teachers.

THURSDAY –  04.04.2019

08.15  Students at school.

08.30  Teachers at school by taxi.

09.00   Welcoming  by the headmaster and teachers of 2nd Epal.

09.30   Icebreaking  activities  for students. Guided tour of  the  school for teachers.

10.30   Actionbound for students and teachers (at important points in Trikala).

14.00   Meeting with local authorities.

14.30   Lunch for students and  teachers   at  the center of Trikala.

15.30   Free time.

17.00   Gathering at the  central  square. Departure for the traditional dance school “ Trikki”.Learning  traditional Greek dances.

19.00   Students go to families.

21.00   Dinner for teachers ( offered by 2nd   Epal ).

FRIDAY –  05.04.2019

08.15   Students at school.

09.00   Teachers at school by taxi.

09.15   Meeting with the students.

09.30   Feedback to the Meteora   tour. Proposals  how to improve guided tours.

10.30   Festival arrangements.

12.00   Lunch.

13.15   Festival arrangements.

14.30   Free time ( Greek  students will  prepare a BBQ party after festival).

16.30   Certificates. International festival.

18.00   BBQ   party.

21.00   Students go  to families.

21.30   Dinner for teachers ( if we want).

SATURDAY –  06.04.2019

Departures of all countries.