We arrived in Greece early on Tuesday morning at 02:45. We were greeted by a warm mediterranean climate and cozy-chilly breeze. After only 3 hours of sleep and breakfast we all went to see one of the most famous places in Athens, the Acropolis. Despite having had so little sleep, we learned a lot about the old Greek history in the museum and in the Acropolis. Then, after lunch and some free time we started driving to Trikala. We were welcomed there by local students who were going to host us for the rest of the trip. The night was spent in a new home, where we also gave our hosts some housewarming gifts from Estonia.


On Wednesday we took a bus ride out of Trikala. After driving for a while we reached Meteora. The hike took place in the mountains. In the past, the mountains offered shelter and home to the monks who were bullied. The view on our way to the monastery and back was breathtaking. The hike lasted for about 5 hours. Before heading back to Trikala, we visited 2 museums – Greek Education Museum and Natural History Museum of Meteora. In the first museum we saw old literature books and also old children’s toys. We learned about Greek history and mythology and got to experience what school lessons were like in old Greek times. In the other museum we saw extinct animals and birds. There were also species that are in danger of extinction or only living in Greece. After that the bus took us back to Trikala. Everyone went home to rest for a bit and then later we all went to hang out again.


On Thursday we went to a local school and local government. After that we had lunch and started orienting in the city using the Actionbound that the teachers had made for us. We also learned some traditional Greek dances and in the evening we met up and hung out again.


On Friday morning we had the chance to go shopping. Some of us didn’t want to go and slept longer. We had to be at school by 11:00. At school we had an international festival where we studied every country’s national dance or a game that they had prepared. We also had a traditional Greek BBQ which was very delicious. After the festival we got together one more time to enjoy the last night out in Trikala.

In conclusion it can be said that the trip really touched everybody’s hearts – new friends and memories for life were made. We were accepted wonderfully and all of us are always welcome to go back. On the trip we learned a lot of new and interesting things about Greek history, saw places that only the locals know about. The plan is also to visit the people from other countries. Everybody would like to repeat and relive the experience because it had truly a cozy atmosphere and sincere friendships that were achieved so fast and naturally. Thank you to all who took part in the project and a special thanks to our hosts, who made our stay even better by opening doors to their homes for us.