Guided tour-is

The main idea for the trips in the workshop of the Erasmus + project in Iceland was “experience” or an individual experience in Icelandic nature, not catered, unfiltered and uninterrupted by other stimulants.This theme emerged in conceptual work with our Icelandic group and it was based on the fact that in travels around Iceland, the country itself plays a leading role.
The trips were the four; Black Beach, Bergárdalur, guided tours of the village and guided tours of the fish factory Thingey Skinnanes.

For the first trip, an introduction to the ocean was made to give visitors an insight into what it is like to live in close contact with the open sea of the Atlanticocean “The ocean takes the ocean gives”.
Then an adventure tour of the beach, where games were played and pictures were made in the sand.

Trip number two was “Day at Höfn” The presentation that day tought us about folk tales about elves and trolls.
Then the group was split in two and went on a tour of the place Höfn that ended in Skinney Thinganes, which is a fish processing plant and everyone got a guided tour of the factory.

For the third trip there was also a presentation. This time about, geography and natural disasters such as; eruptions, earthquakes, avalanches, flood, etc.
But such things deeply touch the national soul of Iceland and are also very much connected to our relationship with nature and our environment.
The trip this day was designed with that in mind that people could have three kinds of experiences, one or all.
a) walk behind the waterfall.
b) go further up the hill and see the view from there; the glacier and the sea.
c) walk to the river and jump into the abyss.