Summary of the vist

1. Possitives
We liked the nature of Iceland and the program was very well thought out. The school was nicely designed and very beautiful. The people were friendly and generous. Breakfast was good. The food was good and the hospitality great. The organization was good and communication between the students good. Intended to go Swimming pool was great and swimming in nature ineffable. The Glacier lagoon was beautiful and FabLab also.The journey should have been longer, the environment in Iceland is safe and the people can be trusted. There are also great facilities for sports activities; football, basketball, etc.The black beach and drawings and games where awesome and Bergárdalur was incredible. Skinney-Thinganes, the fish processing plant, was cool.

2. Negatives

More group work, presentations might have been shorter and some of the agenda was too long. The presentations were long and sometimes a little boring but incredibly interesting.

3. What we can inprove

To see more of Reykjavik. Go out to the sea and horseback on an Icelandic horse. Go to the Blue Lagoon. Have a talent contest. Make one common drawing, catch a fish.