Due to the pandemic, we had to postpone the last meeting in Latvia, expected on the beginning of April 2020.

So all the meeting was organised on a distance base, with daily connections on Microsoft Teams and a programme full of activities!

It started on the 8th February and it was absolutely funny and interesting: the first day was dedicated to the schools and participants’ presentation using videos or multimedia products; the second day, we learned a lot about the town of Jelgava and we had fun with a quiz on it; on the third day there was the Masterclass of Latvian cuisine, with all the schools cooking at the same time the same Latvian recipe: absolutely exciting!; then, on the fourth day, we had a great fun in the Jeopardy quiz about all the aspect of Latvian geography, culture, traditions, cuisine; the last day, we deepened some other features of Latvia and we had an official closing moment, as the project had come to an end…

We must say that the Latvian friends were amazing and that they organised everything in a perfect way, considering all the difficulties due to the distance and the computer base activities. Sometimes, some of us had connections or technical problems but the very deep spirit of the mobility made them disappear!

It was a very different mobility, because we couldn’t travel abroad to reach all our friends from the other countries in Latvia, as supposed last year in April, but we got through it!

We liked all the videos and games we played during the days and mostly the cooking class activity on 10th February, when all the schools were following the Latvian recipe step by step and we made an Italian version with basil pesto on the top! We evaluated in a very good way this mobility because it was very peculiar being at school instead of in Latvia but they were absolutely perfect in the choice of the activities to be done. And we hope to meet again in the future, as this was the last meeting of this project…



The Italian students:

Valerio, Vanessa and Chiara