Our trip to Iceland was from 29.09.2019 to 06.10.2019. We spent our first day at Reykjavik. First impression of Reykjavik was very nice – people were friendly, helpful and cared about the environment. The streets were clean. On the second day we started our journey to Höfn. This journey lasted almost 9 hours. While driving to Höfn, we made many stops to go sightseeing and visit the most popular tourist spots in Iceland. For example, we visited hot springs, where the temperature was up to 80°C. During the whole trip, the bus windows offered us great views. Höfn (pronounce Höpn) itself is a small fishing town on the south coast of Iceland. Populated by around 2000 people, the town’s main source of income is tourism and fishing. We were lucky enough to explore fish processing in more detail when we visited the local fish factory. When we arrived to Höfn, we met our host families. On the first night at Höfn after meeting our families, we went out to spend some time all together. On three mornings we were educated about Iceland with presentations. For example, we learned about gigantic trolls, who, due to their weakness (sunlight turns them into stone), decorate Iceland’s surface. In the middle of the program, we visited the most beautiful places in Höfn, went hiking and we all took lots of photos. When asked about what we loved most about our trip, it would be the people. The welcoming feeling from the locals was heartwarming. The other thing that comes to mind is also jumping into the cold water, because it was refreshing and the water was only 4°C. Leaving was very sad for us, we would have loved to stay there much longer.