At the beginning we had a bit of anxiety going to a place so far from our country, especially moving away from the family and going into the homes of unknown people.

During the trip, we had a lot of fun, above all we made a lot of friendship with our fellow travellers.

We also built a beautiful relationship with the teachers who accompanied us and supported us throughout the course of the experience.

Arriving in Estonia, we found mates at the airport waiting for us to take us home.

The first thing we perceived when we went outside was the cold that almost blocked our breath. Arriving at our homes they welcomed us and tried to put us at ease as much as possible.

The following morning, we went to school and we were very surprised by what we saw since it is totally different from ours, inside we found the gym, the swimming pool, the canteen, a small part with games for younger children and many recreational areas.

Right from the start we became friends with the guys from Greece and soon with the rest of the mates from Latvia, Iceland and Estonia, of course.

We liked a lot of things in this mobility: the park in Vaana Joessu, where we spent a nice day having fun and seeing incredible landscapes, also see the Baltic Sea.

The city of Tallinn was really nice to visit, especially in the evening.

One thing that we didn’t like was the Tartu excursion, as it took us so long to arrive and we were there for a very short time in the village, but the museum was very nice and interesting for us.

One of the activities that we liked most was the time we shared our cultures through an exchange of our musical traditions.

The first obstacle was the communication that improved day by day.

We had some obvious difficulty adapting to their food as it was quite different from ours, but we still had the curiosity to taste all their dishes.

We were very attracted by the landscape, both the modern and the historical part.

We liked the school, it is very beautiful, we did a lot of activities such as the logo, the preparation of the festival or the typical dance but also skiing around the school.

We didn’t like very much the fact that we hadn’t much free time, so we were running all the time.

The last day was bad having to say goodbye to the guys who hosted us and we still continue to keep in touch.

We can say that this experience has formed us, enriched us and made us reflect by comparing different realities and different cultures. And we believe that each of us at least once in a lifetime should have an experience like that.



Sofia UVA

Federico CALISE

Adriano TROTTA