Today we are here to create feedback on our school trip organized in Iceland, specifically in Höfn on the days 30th September – 5th October.
Surely the one in Iceland was a journey that allowed us to experience the primordial strength of our origins in a remote corner of the world as a place to remind us what elements we are made of, what our essence and our role are, guests on a planet that we should protect and preserve.
It was a journey that allowed us to return to the centre of our being, as son of the mother nature.
Before talking about the immense grandeur of wild nature, we would like to thank the Icelandic school organization both for what concerns the building, and the teachers that in our opinion can be considered of a very important value for this institution: the principal Eyjòlfyur Guomundsson, Mr. Stefan (available 24h!) and Mrs. Lind also endowed with an invaluable presence. FAS school should become an example for other worldwide schools: all departments very clean, varied organization, genuine cuisine, good staff, recycling of waste, education and maturity of students…
Regarding students and their families, we really were speechless because from the first day they welcomed us in a friendly way, making us feel at home, looking after us as if we were their brothers or their children, starting from a simple “good morning” up to the excellent traditional and local food.
The Icelandic boys were extremely polite and moreover have allowed us to integrate immediately with the boys of other nations through simple and perfect techniques, starting from a division into groups during the excursions and the evening activities and games, so that we could communicate with the rest of the European group. We were really satisfied with the activities they carried out which in most cases made us immerse in the topic, such as pollution and environment preservation (they talked about them and even put into practice collecting garbage left on the streets). They made us think about important aspects of the planet and of our future.
Well now it’s time to talk about Iceland …
As soon as we landed at Reykjavík airport, at first glance it appeared to us as a pretty city, then starting the journey to Höfn we were thrilled by the immensity of nature and of the whole territory, also through the information given by the Mr. Stefan. So, we were able to enjoy the wonderful landscape and visit some wonderful places that will remain fixed in our minds for our whole life:
– the mountains of Grindavíkurbær;
– natural phenomena, the Hafnarfjörður gaysers;
– the huge and beautiful Rangárþing eystra waterfall;
-the phenomenal icebergs of Iceland’s largest lake and Jökulsárlón lagoon;
We were really happy in Höfn, a quiet town, respectful of its territory. In the following days we were able to visit the town, its sea and in particular the fish factory, where the fresh product (raw material) is also transformed into a finished product.
In the city we also visited Sveitarfélagið Hornafjörður, the houses of the Vikings and their constructions, the immense waterfalls and streams and the lake where we had the ice bath!
It was a fully experience journey that brought us strong feelings and gave us ambitions to improve under every aspects.
The last day we received the certificate soon after the international festival, through which we showed the peculiar traditions of each country.
Every activity has profoundly left an indelible memory, every event was real emotion. Everything, in short, has been organized in the right way: the timetable, the right duration of the excursions, and the right duration of the fantastic morning projects.
We also hope to give to the group such great emotions when you come to Italy, but it will be very difficult to us to be comparably as good.
This is ERASMUS+, this is the kind of international intercultural exchange project able to give a change to our countries, to our organizations that are still in our opinion “in the middle of the journey of our life” (Dante Alighieri).
You have been fantastic, innovative, wonderful, you are definitely an inspiration.