Summary of the visit EST

Feedback to Keila – Joa excursion

January 24

 What I liked?

  • The place, nature, architecture, length (not too short, not too long), enough freedom.
  • We liked that the students made this by themselves and everyone took it seriously. Waterfall was really beautiful and mansion was interesting. The choice of place was really good especially in the winter where the waterfall and the forest were really beautiful. The weather was gorgeous.
  • we liked the Keila-Joa falls, the lake, the landscape, the mansion, next time there could be more time to go shopping, go skiing
  • Frozen waterfall.
  • Mediterranean countries liked cold weather, others didn’t enjoy it!!!! Also the snow fight was fun- people like activities not just walking and hearing things (except old people). The view of snowy forest and river was beautiful. The Estonian students are very nice people! Their hospitality was amazing.

What I didn’t like?

  • 1)No information, weather, no food, organization, a little bit boring.
  • There was no food. The tour was a bit slow because we didnt have anybody making us go faster. Google forms didn’t work very well
  • cold weather, didn’t get to visit the whole castle
  • We didn’t get lunch
  • The castle was little boring because we didn’t had chance to explore the whole castle and its tower.

What to keep in mind next time to improve?

  • 1)Smaller groups, more guides, more information about the place to talk about, more fixed timeschedule with a break and/or a meal.
  • Smaller groups, more information and everyhing else was pretty good.
  • next time there could be more time to go shopping, go skiing
  • Make groups before you arrive. More activities.
  • The guided tour should take place in a location that has a lot of history or sights. Keila is pretty and it has history but not enough to make it interesting for young people