Summary of the visit EST

Erasmus+ – Estonia
I am going to be talking about my experience and what I thought about the trip to Estonia.
When we first arrived to Tabasulu school we were divided into small groups to get to know one another. It was actually quite fun to just sit down and get to know other people. When that was done we went home with our hosts. When we first arrived to their house me and my friend were just shocked how big  their house was. Our host mom stuffed us with food every evening and the food was delicious. Every morning we went to school and had breakfast. It was kind of weird, I thought it was going to be like oatmeal but it was not, it tasted kind of bad but I still ate it every morning. The first project we did was L.O.G.O it was about making a logo for the Erasmus+ project. It took us about 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish the pictures. We visited local authorities and that was kind of interesting how they were talking about building schools and other stuff. We also went to Old Town which was also very beautiful but really cold. The next morning we went to a place called Keila Waterfall that was pretty fun. We went around the waterfall and read a lot of signs that were telling the History of the Keila Waterfall and river I don’t remember the whole story but it was about a Mill in the old times that slowly evolved to I think the oldest mill today in Estonia. We also went inside a castle that was owned by a Russian Royal family which lived there during the summer. The next morning we spent the whole day inside and making a cool scene about the biggest Icelandic rappers which we performed at the school festival. And the other countries made something from their culture too. We spent the whole day just practicing our play. That evening during the Festival we invited every Parent whose kid was a part of the project to come and watch. The Festival was a success I had a lot of fun and after the festival some kids stayed for half an hour to play Limbo which was also very fun. The next morning we went on a 3 hour bus drive to Tartu and went to a museum about how Estonian culture and language evolved throughout the years I didn’t only learn about Estonia in there but also about how science evolved to the modern day. After we were done there we went to walk through Tartu and looking and learned many things including a school that Gustavus Adolphus made. I found that very intriguing. He ruled a big part of Scandinavia in the old days. Then we had a 3 hours bus drive back we said bye to the other kids. And left Estonia and went home to Iceland the next morning.
I found the trip was very interesting and I had a lot of fun. But I think more commentary would have been a lot better when we were walking and looking around the cities there was always this one guy who did everything and almost everybody else weren’t even listening to him.

Estonia 2019

I got the opportunity to go to Estonia this year with three of my classmates. I was
very happy with the classmates I was going with and the teachers were amazing
to travel with. We got there January 21st and we stayed there until January 26th
Me and my friend stayed together with our host and the boys
stayed together with their host. The teachers stayed at a hotel with teachers from
the other countries.
The other countries that were with us were Italy, Latvia, Greece and of course
Estonia. So we were five countries total.
Our host was Liis Sulger and she was 16 years old. Her family was really nice
and took good care of us.
The weather was pretty cold our whole visit there but we had fun. I wish I had
taken more of warm clothing with me but I had some and it was okay.
We went on two tours that the Estonians had planned for us and I think they could
have planned it a little bit better like making groups before we got the because
that took I while to figure out. And also having lunch while the tours were going
The logo project we did went very well I think and I am very happy with how all
of the countries worked together.
The second tour that we went on was a long walk in the old town and the weather
was so cold. I think that not a lot of people were paying attention to the tour
because of the weather and I did not learn a lot. I think maybe we could have
done something else instead of walking around in the cold. Also I think it was
kind of strange that some of the kids just stayed in the bus while other people had
to go on the walk.
The tours we went on were very interesting and fun. I also wish I had paid more
attention when we visited the museum.
I had a lot of fun and I made very good friends there that I am in contact with
through the internet.
Maybe someday I will visit Tallinn again but I would choose a time where the
weather is better.
But I am so very thankful and happy that I got the opportunity to go and visit a
new country and make friends. This trip truly was a learning experience and I
will always remember this. I have a lot of great memories.

Trip to Estonia

So we started our trip a week before the trip. The teachers called our parents and us “the children” to the school and gave us our schedule. We prepared our stuff for the day of departure.
Eventually we got to Estonia. Had to wait a bit at the airport though, because the driver was a bit late. Eventually he came to the airport and we were on our way to the hotel where our teachers were staying. We met the kids from Latvia at the hotel. At first it was kind off, because of the whole “breaking the ice” thing but after 5 minutes we started talking a lot. Two of the three girls later would become one of my best friends. But I will talk about that later. We took a bus to the school were we met the people that we are staying with. We met our “babysitter”. He is a very nice guy. Me and my friend noticed that from the start, but after some bonding games and introducing ourselves we went to the home. His mom picked us up. Me and my friend met his whole family plus the dog. At the home we were welcomed by some nice spaghetti and some sauce. After one of the best meals I had whole week me and my friend got ready to go to bed and so we did.
We woke up and went to the school to work on the L.O.G.O. We were separated in 2 groups and we had to make our own L.O.G.O. We decided on the 1 st logo that my and my friend team made. After that nice  relaxation we went to the Old Town, it was pretty cold out there, but we held our own. The trip was organised very nice but it really is a shame that it was this cold. I myself didn’t have the right clothes that day so I was freezying my butt off. After the trip to the old town we were left with our “babysitter” and his friends. Me and my friend followed them to McDonalds. We had some interesting conversations and then we left to go home. That was basically day 2. Day 3 was pretty much the same, but I am still going to write something else about it. So another day started of with us getting up early and going to school. We met the rest of the kids at the school and started chatting. After that we went up to the “stage” and started rehearsing a song that we were going to sing. we picked song. We were a bit embarrassed at first but later we got into the groove of the song. After the rehearsal we went to the park and the castle. Which the ride to there was not as long but I still managed to sleep on the bus. When we came to Keila Joa we separated again in two groups. It took some time which I particularly did not enjoy because again Estonia is not know for being the hottest place on earth. But you cant do anything about it, so we went on with our “adventure”. The group that me and my freind were in went first to look at the waterfalls which were frozen at the time. Our tour guide told us that it is more beautiful when it is frozen like that, which I disagreed with when I saw some pictures on the internet. Then after a short walk we went to the castle, which I did not explore much because of my sickness. But it was okay all in all. The girls had to leave that day a bit early because the girl who was with them had dance classes. But nonetheless we went on with our day and went home. He wanted to show us the town and so he did. Almost all of the kids that were with us in this amazing program went to one of those old school American type of restaurant. I ordered a “LOT” of food which I could not finish. Then after that amazing trip we walked around the town a bit. Then  I asked if we can go home because we were felling a bit tired. So he called his mom, she came and picked us up. We were home at around 21:00 and then we went to sleep around 22:00. That’s how our 3rd day went. Day 4 starts off by my friend waking me up in the morning. He says that “I was Impossible to wake up”. But I did finally and so we went on with our day. We came to the school around 08:00 and met the other kids there.
We talked a bit in the cafeteria, but that did not last long because we had to go upstairs to the stage and prepare our singing voices for the International Festival. After the rehearsal everyone went to McDonalds but I stayed because I wasn’t feeling good. Me and my friend were waiting in the school for about 3 hours. After I ate, we got ready for the Festival. We 3rd in row to come on stage. We sang the song and of course everyone loved it. We got some diplomas after that, everyone got one. But yeah, we did not do much after that. “Mom” came and picked us up and we went home. She made us food and after that me and my friend went to sleep. The next day we woke up very early and got some breakfast at the house. Because this was our last day and we were going to a museum 3 hours away. So “mom” packed us some food and we were on our way. It took us as I already said I took us 3 hours to come to the museum. It was the Estonian National Museum. My opinion on museum’s is that they are pretty boring. But that is just me, I don’t like to listen about culture. I like to observe. The tour of the museum started with a man introducing himself to us and telling us a bit about the history of the museum. Which I mean to be honest I did not listen that much and his accent was very hard to understand for me. So I just focused on some other things in the museum. Like the Twitter map. But yeah after the museum we went home and chilled at the house for a bit. Then Hugo invited us to his friends house.
We went to their house, had a nice time and went home again because we had a flight in 05:00 in the morning. Me and my friend did not even sleep, we just talked a lot.
But 04:00 AM rolled around and we packed our stuff and “mom” drove us the airport, we said our goodbyes to them and met with our teachers and the two other girls. We waited for the plane, borded it and our trip back.
That was all about our trip to Estonia, I maybe missed out on some things but oh well. Thank you for reading.