Summary of the visit GRE


Trikala,Greece 2/4/2019 – 5/4/2019

  1. Positives
  • The host were better that we could wish for. Everybody was really helpful and kind. The days were planned nicely and they covered many things (nuture, city, school etc.). Groups were really close, every night we were out chilling. Were really enjoyed the trip.
  • The hospitality, the sights like the old town and the monasteries, the weather
  • Monuments were cool, the hike was awesome, everyone is super friendly, food is really good, our host is amazing, weather was very good, nature is beautiful
  • The project was awesome. I had the best experience ever in Greece. Still can’t believe that it is already over. The food was super good, people were so warm and nice and weather was the best. Everything was PERFECT.
  1. Negatives
  • The only thing was the duration of the trip. We need more to improve the relationships and learn new things.
  • Too little sleep and too much walking, the team bonding exercises, unhealthy food, the English skills
  • Traffic
  • Wish the trip was a lot longer. Thank you for everything!
  1. What Iceland can do to improve the experience?
  • More free time.
  • More sleep and less walk. More free time
  • more free time, more organized activities,
  • more free time, the activities could be more organized