Unfortunately we did not get to Jelgava as planned. To save our project, a TEAMS conference was held for five days. At day 1 due to uncontrollable circumstances, the Icelandic group did not attend. The day after February 9, the Icelandic group held their slide presentation with great receptions. We learned about Jelgava and broke the ice. Quiss about Jelgava and group work about Jelgava and Kahoot about Jelgava. At day 3 we had a Masterclass on Latvian cuisine and quiz on Latvia. Then we went home to cook, at Daniel’s house, potato cakes. Kristofer ate everything.

We found this rather enjoyable. This was a good solution to the situation the preparation was good. We took full part and had fun. We were a little disappointed because we could not go to Lettlad. Since this was the last trip in the project and we missed to say goodbye properly. The potato cakes were good. We were surprised by the participation of the other countries. Crazy how well this was done by the hosts and how good the preparation was. The videos were were great and But we felt like we needed to have maybe an hour to hang out in groups online and chat, a kind of free time.

Jepardy was played, which we won and we got a prize. The boys from Iceland came came dressed in suits on “Fantastic Friday” which is on every Friday in FAS. We watched videos about Jelgava and made food, took quisses and met in groups with people we miss, during the week on online.