Tabasalu Ühisgümnaasium Estonia

Tabasalu Gymnasium is located on the northern coast of Estonia in Harku parish, about 8 km to the west of the capital Tallinn. The school was founded in 1986. Throughout the years, the faculties of the school have improved greatly, such as the added elementary school building and sport complex attached to the primary building. The newly renovated sports field enables the students as well as sports enthusiasts to enjoy a proper stadium with its running track and all the other sports activities around track and field. The school also has a music school extension where people can learn different instruments and singing. Taking part of different international projects has become a tradition for both the students and teachers. Because of the rapid progression the school has shown its will to become a national gymnasium  in 2020.

The school’s motto is – Times change and we along with it.

There are about 1000 students and 80 teachers in Tabasalu Gymnasium. Our strengths are

  • Digital adaptness both well equipped and actively used
  • entrepreneurial learning, students companies
  • choirs and folk dance groups