We left Höfn and had to spend one night in Keflavík before we left for Rome.

We flew to Rome via London and stayed there for one night. In the morning we met the other participants from the other countries in the group and it was great to see everyone again.

We were given a tour of Rome and visited many historical sites but stayed the longest in the Coliseum. We also walked the streets and breathed in the air, had Italian ice cream, coffee and more. Later in the day we took a bus to Lioni all together and when we got there the hosts families were already there to receive their guests. Teachers went to a hotel.

The next day we went for the first time to the Lugi Vantelli school and it was an amazing experience. There we got to eat food that the students of the school had prepared and we were also served at the table by the students of the school.

During our stay in Lioni we went three trips with the students to visit other places in the vicinity. We saw a suspended bridge and the more adventurous students ventured out on it. We also visited a farm that makes buffalo mozarella and the Greek Temples at Paestum. The last trip we went on was to Rocca S. Felice with a stop at a pasta making factory. Most of the students will remember the town not just for its beauty but for how cold the day was.

On the last day of the visit in Lioni there was an international festival of pizza with a competition for the students. After a last meeting, lunch and certificates it was time for goodbye.

We were driven to Rome where we stayed for one night before heading home. Wonderful trip and great people Thank you very much for your hospitality.