I.I.S.S. Luigi Vanvitelli

The I.I.S.S. (Upper Secondary Education Institute) “Luigi Vanvitelli” is located in a small town called Lioni, in the province of Avellino, in Campania region, south of Italy. The area is composed of villages located in a rural area called Irpinia, which is famous for its green aspect.

The school offers a variety of specializations, as it is composed of 3 different “schools”: a technical school for accountants and administration and for surveyors; a professional school for hotel management and catering; a vocational school for specialized in chemistry, electronic, social studies, mechanic.

We have around 800 pupils aged 14-19, coming from the surrounding area, belonging to middle class families or workers’ families.

10% of pupils are young people with special needs, as in Italy integration and inclusion in public or private schools is guaranteed by an important law dating back to 1977 which prescribed the abolition of special schools and the attendance of disabled or disadvantaged pupils in normal classes, with the mediation of support teachers, specialized in special teaching methods.

We have been involved for years in European projects, in order to increas our pupils’ knowledge of the history and institutions of the European Union and the members, but especially developing European awareness, promoting an attitude of openness to others and tolerance.